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Mini Soccer Ball

This small soccer ball has a panther head logo on each of the gold pentagons; all the hexagons are black. The ball is approximately 5" in diameter.

Made in China.

Price: $9.95

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Black & Gold Tutu

Stick out in the crowd! Wear this at the US Cellular Arena when we go head-to-head or wear it at your favorite tail gate! It's the best addition to a black and gold getup. Elastic band on the inside one size fits all; wear it on your waist, your forehead, or on your dog!

Price: $12.95

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Leatherette Hacky Sack Ball
Available in black and white leather.

Did you know the hacky sack originated in 1972 from the inventors of the footbag to bring a new game to groups of players or allow it to be played alone? The styles have changed over the years, but our classic version is a great way to boast panther pride and the leather ensures a stable "stall" every time! You'll find the classic "UWM" wave logo printed in black on the white part.

Price: $2.95

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Milwaukee Panthers Basketball
"Galactic Line"Milwaukee panthers Autographable Leather Basketball. Regulation Size.
Price: $33.50

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Set of 2 Golf Balls & 9 Tees
Two black golf balls with UWM logo printed in gold. Also comes with 9 black tees with UWM logo in gold
Price: $11.95

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UWM Frisbee
Plastic black Frisbee with UWM logo in metallic gold
Price: $1.78

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