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Copyright Law and the Distance Education Classroom
By Tomas A. Lipinski (Author)

As technology and the idea of distance education is rapidly changing, so too must the law that protects copyrighted material. In 2003 U.S. copyright law was amended with the legislation now known as TEACH (Technology Education and Copyright Harmonization). Tomas Lipinski discusses these changes to copyright law and how they may ultimately affect traditional distance classrooms. Providing a step-by-step explanation of the law and how it impacts these pedagogical issues, Lipinski discusses instructor ownership issues, a general application of "fair use," and other issues that will inevitably arise when technology, intellectual property, and education all intersect.

Tomas Lipinski is a lawyer, and he approaches these volatile (and very new) issues from a legal perspective. This book, however, is written in intermediate terms that will make it accessible (as well as necessary) to the distance educator and administrator. As the framework for distance education and technology (particularly copyright) law is now set in place, this book will prove an invaluable resource for years to come.

Price: $37.50

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Korona Dziewicy Maryi: The Virgin Mary's Crown
By Michael J. Mikos (Author)
Price: $12.50

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Legal and Contractual Procedures for Architects
By Robert Greenstreet PhD RIBA (Author) , David Chappell BA MA PhD ARIBa (Author) , Michael Dunn BSc (Hons) LLB LLM FRICS FCIArb (Author)

A practical guide which provides a route map through the legal and contractual maze of everyday architectural practice. Clear flow-charts, checklists, guides to action and sample documents enable the reader to find essential information at a glance.

Highly selective bibliographies list precise references for more detailed study.

This fifth edition has been comprehensively revised to deal with the recent changes in legislation and protocol and includes a new section on adjudication.

Price: $39.99

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Making Race, Making Power
By Kent Redding (Author)

In this groundbreaking study, Kent Redding examines the fluid political landscape of the nineteenth-century South, revealing the complex interplay between the elite's manipulation of political and racial identity and the innovative mobilizing strategies marginalized groups adopted in order to combat disfranchisement. Far from being a low-level, localized trend, the struggle for power in North Carolina would be felt across the entire country as race -and class- based organizing challenged the dominant models of making and holding power. Redding reveals how the ruling class operates with motivations and methods very similar to those of the black voters and Populist farmers they fought against. He tracks how the elites co-opted the innovative mobilizing strategies of the subaltern groups to effectively use their own weapons against them. At the core of "Making Race, Making Power" is an insightful dissection of the concrete connections between political strategies of solidarity and exclusion and underlying patterns of race relations.

Price: $34.95

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Portfolio Collection (Kyouong Ae Cho)
By H.L. Hix (Author) , Gerhardt Knodel (Author)

The work of Kyoung Ae Cho is informed by two disparate worlds: a richly nuanced biological world with accessible evolving patterns of growth, and a complex, diverse realm of digital information that continues to expand exponentially.

Price: $20.00

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Professional Identity Crisis
By Carrie Yang Costello (Author)

The fact that women and people of color tend to underperform at professional schools is a source of controversy. Conservatives blame affirmative action, while liberals blame intentional discrimination. The extensive research reported in Professional Identity Crisis belies both conspiracy theories. The author spent over 400 hours observing how first-year students are socialized in two very different environments, Boalt School of Law and the School of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley, watching how they adapted to different expectations of how to speak, dress, and behave in the classroom.

Costello found that students who were female, of color, disabled, or poor were not underqualified compared with their privileged peers. Nor did the research uncover intentional bigotry. Instead, the disproportionate success of white men can be explained by the fact that they are more likely to acquire appropriate professional identities swiftly, with little inner conflict. Students from less privileged backgrounds, however, suffered from "identity dissonance." For example, Jasmine, a Filipino student from Los Angeles, explained, "In the legal culture you have to adopt a different way of being, a different vocabulary and way to carry yourself . . . That's how I got this far. And when I go home, if I act the way I do here, they won't get it. My cousins and my friends say, 'You're kind of whitewashed.' And when I come back here I have to get back my law style."

Price: $27.95

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Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits
By Devendra K. Misra (Author)

This practical book presents a top-down approach to RF and microwave circuit design, offering a detailed introduction to the technology behind the exploding wireless communications market. It describes circuits in the overall context of communications systems, and includes many worked examples of real-world devises and engineering problems. Material on CAD techniques is available via ftp.

Price: $89.95

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The Laugh We Make When We Fall
By Susan Firer (Author)

The Backwaters Prize winner for 2001, by Wisconsin poet Susan Firer, was chosen from more than 300 entries by the noted poet CarolAnn Russell. In the Judge's Statement, Ms. Russell said " A wild generosity of spirit and vision characterizes this collection. The language marries the elemental and worldly with aplomb, and the effect is sacramental. The subject of the book is humble even as it is universal, hovering as it does over and within that great oxymoron, human love..."

Price: $14.00

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