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Winter Hat

47 Brand

Available in white.

This tassle-top hat is cable knitted and is super soft! Forget the itchy forehead, wear this comfy hat while still sporting panther pride with an embroidered "M" in black on the front!

Price: $14.95

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Bench Warmer Knit Headband
This headband reads "PANTHERS" in black text on a yellow background on both sides of the headband. Above and below the yellow section is a white stripe and a black one.

Made in the USA.

Price: $13.95

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Logofit Tasseled Hat
This grey and black hat has two long braids coming down from its ear flaps. On one side a shield logo is embroidered, reading "PANTHERS" in black on white above a white M on a black field.

Made in Sri Lanka. Outer: 100% Acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester.

Price: $27.95

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New Era Tassled Cap
This winter hat has two ear flaps with long cords ending in tassels. The same black and gold string that composes the tassels is also attached along the top of the head, causing it to look like a mohawk. On both sides of the hat, a UWM wave logo is incorporated into the design with white and gold yarn.

Made in China. 100% Acrylic.

Price: $21.99

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Women's Fit Knit Hat
The front of this hat sports a panther logo in white embroidery with gold sequins. The pompom at the top is made of gold, white and black thread.

Made in China. 100% Acrylic.

Price: $19.95

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