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Ordering FAQ

General Ordering

What are the shipping and pick-up options?
After placing my order, will I receive a confirmation email?
How quickly are web orders processed?
How do I cancel an order?
How do I check order status?
How do I return a web order?

Textbook Ordering

General Ordering

Q. What are the shipping and pick-up options?

A. We charge a $7.95 flat shipping rate through UPS Ground to all 50 states for first item and $1.50 for each additional item. Other shipping methods are available, usually at increased cost. Please call us if you have a specific need: (414) 229-2810 and ask to speak with web sales.

Rates for out-of-country shipping are dependent on weight and location.

There is a $1.00 charge to ship event tickets and Gift Cards through USPS.

At the beginning of each semester, we offer FREE on-campus pick-up period for semester books and supplies. If you are able to pick up you books during the offered times, shipping is free, and it secures your books and materials early--often the best way to secure high-quality used books, at the best price.

Q. After placing my order, will I receive a confirmation email?

A. Yes, an email is sent to you after we process the order to inform you whether the item is in stock, back ordered, or out of stock. The confirmation email will also contain your order number and total, so please keep it for your records.

Q. How quickly are web orders processed?

A. Orders are generally processed within two business days, but during peak times (such as holidays, start of the semester, and graduation), it can take up to two weeks for orders to be shipped. Please plan accordingly.

Q. How do I cancel an order?

A. You may cancel an order by emailing the UWM Bookstore at or by calling at (414) 229-2810. If the order has already been shipped, you can deny the packag and we will refund you when we receive the package, but we will not refund shipping costs.

Q. How do I check order status?

A. You will receive email notification on the status of your order, including when it was packed to ship. You can also call the UWM Bookstore at (414) 229-2810 to check your order's tracking number and the date your order was shipped.

Q. How do I return a web order?

A. Web orders, excluding textbooks, may be returned as long as the postmark is within two weeks (14 calendar days) from when it was shipped. An exception to this policy is during the holiday season, when a web order may be returned up to two weeks after December 25th, even if it was shipped prior to the 25th. Textbooks can be returned as long as the postmark is the last day of return. This is generally two weeks after the first day of classes for the semester, but call or check online for the actual date. You can also bring items into the store to be refunded. We will exchange items for another size past the return date as long as they are clean and still have the tags on them. Decision to exchange sizes is at the discretion of the manager on duty.

Textbook Ordering

Q. Why are the prices totaling on my quote at the new price only?

A. Used availability for each book varies, so we quote you the new cost at time of order so you are aware of the most you would possibly pay.

Q. Am I charged when I place an order?

A. No: After we pull your order, and any books that are not available or on backorder are noted, we charge your account for the actual books you are being shipped. Depending on used book availability, that maybe a smaller total that your original order was quoted as.


Q. When will my books be shipped?

A. If your books are all available, orders typically ship within two to three working days from receipt of order. At the beginning of each semester, during book rush, availability changes from moment to moment. We are shipping and receiving books, non-stop.

Q. Is there any way for me to reduce the price of new textbooks for next semester?

A. Yes. Consult the course catalog to find out who the instructors are for the classes you intend to take next semester. (If no instructor is listed for a course, you may ask the department chair of that school or college to check if he or she knows.) Ask those instructors to please submit their book requests to the bookstore by the early adoption deadline (early June for the fall semester and late October for the spring semester).

The UWM Bookstore is University-owned, functioning as a self-sustaining service department of the UWM Auxiliary Services. Our mission is to furnish all the tools needed in the education process of our customers; the UWM community includes students, faculty and staff. To accomplish this goal, merchandise and services provided:
  • are required, recommended or compliment courses and programs
  • support the cultural and academic environment
  • serve the personal convenience of our customers