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Course Book Adoptions

Early ordering allows us to offer more money to students selling books during final exam week, allows additional time to search for less expensive used books. This reduces the possibility of out-of-stock situations, and allows us to retain unsold copies from the previous semester.

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Please be as specific as possible when placing book adoptions. Full and accurate information concerning author(s), title, publisher, edition, copyright, binding, and ISBN is desired. Any additional information which may help to assure the correct item is ordered will be appreciated. This is especially important with foreign books, sheet music and scores, maps, testing forms, and other unusual publications.

Our goal is to order sufficient quantities of books so that no UWM student is without them on the first day of classes. However, publishers return policies, combined with the high cost of returning unsold copies (freight-out, publishers' return penalties), dictate that we not order excessive quantities. With this data in mind, it is important that your estimated enrollment figure be an accurate guideline that can be compared to past enrollment numbers and past sales history. We invite comments, special instructions, or special circumstances that will help us to arrive at a manageable inventory.

Custom Publishing Service

Are you thinking about using your own textbook, lab manual, lecture notes, or reader for your course? The UWM Bookstore is here to help. Discover the advantages of having your packet produced and sold on campus. Try us and experience our award winning service.

The UWM Bookstore offers a full array of services that includes:

  • Securing copyright permissions
  • Black-and-white and color copying
  • Selection of standard paper colors
  • Selection of cover stock colors
  • Variety of binding options
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Reorders in as little as one business day
  • No prepayment required of students

Our reproduction work is equal to, or better than, what’s available from commercial competitors.  All work is done on campus by UITS’ Copy Center division of Printing Services.  In addition to keeping dollars spent on campus, we think we offer not only the best quality but the lowest prices to your students.  Please keep in mind that the quality of the final product is dependent upon the copy that you provide us.  In addition to traditional hardcopy masters, we also accept a variety of electronic file formats.

We’re able to provide the fastest turnaround service on materials that belong to you and are not owned or controlled by other rights holders.  These items usually include lab manuals, lecture notes, course outlines, and PowerPoint slides along with certain items in which clearances can be easily and quickly obtained.  Many large collections of articles, especially book chapters, have a variety of legal restrictions on them and can take weeks to secure permission and sometimes with considerable royalty fees.

For these more complicated and costly readers, you might want to explore alternatives available to you such as D2L.  Otherwise, we’re here to assist you with your course packets that make sense for your students to have in a printed format.

We can also help you with producing your own book for your class or a work in progress that you want to use.  We now offer one-day clearances & electronic master printing for business case studies, such as HBS, IVEY, Darden, etc.  Whatever your requirements, we welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can help and provide your packet for your students.

For further information and assistance with your packet, please contact Bill Pedrotti at or by calling the UWM Bookstore at (414) 229-4900.