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The UWM Bookstore is a self-sustaining, university-owned, service organization dedicated to providing information in the form of required, recommended and complimentary educational resources for UWM programs, as well as providing quality service and convenience items to the UWM community. Revenue from the UWM Bookstore supports students and university programs--broadly. We work with the Worker's Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association to make all of our products sweatshop free.

Our Values

  • Quality service
  • Support for academic programs
  • Support for community
  • Enhancing quality of life

Our Vision

  • Anticipate the changing needs of UWM
  • Provide tools for scholarship and community now and in the future

Our Mission

  • Provide required, recommended, and complimentary educational resources for UWM programs
  • Operate as a university-owned non-profit
  • Maintain the image and material needs of UWM
  • Serve the personal convenience of our customers
  • Foster intellectual growth and enhance the quality of life in the community